Fik Fameica takes Spice Diana on a romantic ghetto date and buys her Rolex

Singers Fik Famieca and Spice Diana seem to be getting well along these days. The two singers have always been friends from way back and even recorded a banger titled Ready.

However, the fire seemed to burn out from their friendship. They however seem to have reignited it in the past few days.

Fik was first seen kissing the Siri Regular singer stealthily as he escorted her back to her crib a few weeks ago. And now the rapper decided to take the Source Management singer out on a date. But this wasn’t the usual date as you would imagine.

It was ghetto love and the two were seen eating 1k chapatis. Fik went ahead to tell Spice Diana how such dates are the best and both seemed so happy.

Well Spice Diana is publicly single bar rumors of chewing hwr manager, Roger. And who knows, maybe she and the Lock singer could end up into something.


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