Chameleone blasts Kenzo haters, responds to Bobi Wine over Federation remarks

In part of his speech, Wine said artists should let singer-turned-M.P. Dr. Hilderman and singer-cum-lawyer Silver Kyagulanyi handle the issue of copyright.

Musicians were offended when he called them beggars. Wine is among those that believe that the Eddy Kenzo-led Uganda National Musicians Federation was started to scheme funds from the government.


Kenzo and others under the Federation felt undermined because they say the main purpose of founding it was to push for copyright laws.

Chameleon, who is a member of the Federation, said while he agrees with part of what Bobi Wine said, there are things he doesn’t agree with.

One, he wondered why Wine thinks it’s musicians who should consult Dr. Hilderman and Silver, and not vice versa.

He also said there’s no problem with musicians participating in the fight for copyright laws because it reduces the workload for Dr. Hilderman.

In July 2022, Parliament granted leave to Hilderman (Mawokota North M.P.) to draft the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Amendment Bill.

However, according to Bobi Wine, the government along the way, hijacked the bill from Hilderman and has since sat with it.

Jose Chameleone also noted that people who are criticising Eddy Kenzo for not having academic credentials to be the Federation’s president should know that “no one is an angel.” Even if they brought another leader, he said, people would find issues in them.

He said that’s why he decided not to take up a leadership role in the Federation. He said those fighting the Federation don’t wish musicians well.


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