“Edogo Lya Mayanja family lyebali bandoga lifuluser now feel a reborn man and I don’t expect the Mayanja brothers to attend my concert since they have never invited me to theirs,” Said Clever J

Faded singer Clever J has revealed that the witchcraft which has been holding him back finally shifted. He is now apparently getting back on his feet. The Nsi Yaleeta singer was asked whether he believed that he had been bewitched and by whom.

He said that whatever he did felt stunted and stuck. This is why he believes he had been under black magic spell.

The singer added that for long, he has been planning and hoping to have a big concert of his own but in vain.

However, this prayer which he has craved from God for a long time seems on the verge of getting answered. This is after events promoter, Andrew Bajjo of Bajjo events promised him a concert.

According to the singer, it wasn’t a big enough venue for his fans. Apparently, he had wanted Namboole stadium but it is still under construction. Bajjo is now still looking for other venues and so far has his eyes set on Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Clever J added that he has a lot of fans globally and he expects all of them to attend. Asked if he thinks the Mayanja brothers will attend after he performed at Alien Skin’s concert when Pallaso too had a show, he said that he doesn’t know.

He added that he has never been invited to their concerts and doesn’t think they will make it.

“The witchcraft really shifted and I now feel a reborn man. Things haven’t been moving for me but now I feel they are moving swiftly. I had been praying to God for a mega concert.

My answer now is going to be answered through Bajjo. I want a very big venue to accommodate my fans who are global. I don’t expect the Mayanja brothers to attend since they have never invited me to their concerts,” said Clever J.


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