“Gwe Zari One day Love Will Make You Look Stupid Don’t talk bad about your husband to anyone ever…”: Shakib Responds after Zari Branded Him ‘Fala’

When the cameras are rolling, Zari and her husband Shakib Lutaaya act like Antony and Cleopatra – the most famous lovers in history as popularised by Shakespeare.

However, when no one is watching, they slide into factory settings and address the red flags just like any average couple.

In a leaked audio that might put a dent on their young marriage, Zari has described her husband, Shakib, as a young, timid and insecure man.

Zari reckons that behind Shakib’s toned body is a boy so low on confidence and esteem. She describes him as one who is not street smart enough (fala); he needs to be guided everywhere like a dog on a leash.

Zari’s leaked audio comes at a time her All White Party in the UK flopped. According to information obtained byThe Kampala Sun, Zari refused to turn up for the party in Birmingham.

Furious, UK-based Tanzanian promoter Ladynaa exposed Zari claiming she spent £10,000 (sh46.3m) on Zari and Shakib in processing their visas and hotel bookings. The Bosslady appeared at the All White Party in London, but refused to attend the one in Birmingham.

Shockingly, the next morning, Zari took to social media, apologised to her fans and accused the promoter of failing to fulfill the contractual obligation

This angered Ladynaa, who vowed to teach the Bosslady a lesson she will never forget unless she refunds her money.

In retaliation, Ladynaa exposed Zari’s leaked audio and vowed to cause more damage unless she was fully refunded. Zari is yet to respond to the leaked audio.

Via Instagram on June 29, Shakib has written a response, saying: “Don’t talk bad about your husband to anyone ever… RESPECT ME IN MY ABSENCE. That’s all I ask.”


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