“We know you’re our fan” Kataleya And Kandle Respond To Hellen Lukoma’s Criticism

The up and about female singing duo Kataleya and Kandle have responded to fellow singer Hellen Lukoma’s criticism. The latter in an interview early this week was asked about the former’s music, she unfortunately had no kind words.

All this came after the duo had previously commented about her music career. They had said Hellen Lukoma is faded.

They added that she has no music even when she stages a concert, no one can attend. Lukoma replied to them saying in ten years they will not be where she is at the moment.

According to the songstress-turned actress, Kataleya and Kandle have no moral authority to speak when they are still singing as a duo.

She added that the duo even moves in a cheap car. They should therefore respect her because she has a range rover with a personalized number plate.

For Kataleya and Kandle, they didn’t feel sad about what Hellen Lukoma said about them. They instead said they were happy that she responded to them because that means she is their fan.

The duo revealed that once someone gives them attention, they immediately know she has been following them for sometime.

“We don’t usually get bad comments from fans and fellow celebrities. But once someone talks about us we become happy whether they have said something good or bad. When you give us attention, we know you’re a fan,” they said.


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