BITABUSE | Pretty Nicole’s parents fight over daughter’s video

Word coming indicates that Pretty Nicole’s parents fought bitterly over her alleged video. It should be noted that the minor has been dominating the headlines on social Media.

This is afterword tan around like wildfire that there is a video of her having her teenage beans getting harvested like an oxen plowing the land.

Netizens have been on tenterhooks combing through every internet and media outlet to lay their hands in this much-praised video.  As a result, a lot of videos have been put into circulation which all seem to suggest that there’s no video.

On top of that, sources that her parents had a bitter fight. The father accused the mother of always pampering their daughter so much and this is what has led to her ashaming the family this much.

As a result, the mother fled from the home and ran into hiding. Attempts to reach out to this family for a comment have proved futile until now. However, Pretty Nicole is still running the headlines with even mature people of different respects looking for the video.


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