Pretty Nicole speaks out on ‘doctored video;’ ready to return to school

Teenage social media phenomenon Pretty Nicole popped up Monday afternoon to address the rumors that dominated Ugandan social media over the past week.

In a pre-recorded video which was shared by her caretaker this afternoon, June 3, the 15-year-old dismissed as “staged,” a lewd video that purported to show her engaged in a sexual act with an unidentified male.

In the short clip in which she directly addresses the guardian Rossette, she says the video was doctored in order to tarnish her image.

Nichole, real name Emmanuella Musimenta, says her face was cropped onto the body of another woman in the video to make it appear like she was the one.

They put on the face and the butt and claimed it was me; but whatever they are planning to do, that is their business,” she said. “I am just waiting on you, let those people suffer their headache.”

Nicole, who last month escaped from school in Kasese supposedly to learn hairstyling in Kampala, says she’s now ready to return to school for the third term next month.

The Guardian who goes by names “Queen Germany” also spoke out last weekend, insisting that Nichole was framed and that the alleged video was fake.

She also stressed that several other pictures which have been making rounds on the internet of the teenager in skimpy attire were also doctored. “I can’t wait to see you in August; I know we are heading back together,” she told her guardian.



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