Rasons why NBS/ Sanyuka tv presenter Kayz quit NBS for USA revealed

NBS television presenter Kawalya Isaac aka Kayz recently relocated to the United States of America after struggling to find Visa. He has been working on it for so many years and last month it was approved as he got ready to finally travel.

It is everyone’s dream to move to the United States of America for greener pastures although it is difficult to secure the right documentation for that.

People have been wondering why Kayz would leave his juicy job at NBS television to go to America. According to Jenkins Mukasa, Kayz has been working so hard but he had never gotten the right payments enough for his family. He was left with so many responsibilities after his mother died and now it is his time to make enough money.

“It is true, Kayz relocated to the United States of America and the main reason is money. He hasn’t been making so much yet he works harder and his family responsibilities are also many,” Jenkins Mukasa said


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