STACIA MAYANJA AKOLIMIDDE CAROL NANTOG | Mukazigwe Carol Nantongo wandisilisse

Singer Stecia Mayanja has expressed her disappointment with fellow singer Carol Nantongo for accusing her of witchcraft.

A few weeks back Carol Nantongo came public and expressed her disappointment with fellow singer Stecia Mayanja for sabotaging her performance at one of Ronald Mayanja’s concerts years back.

Carol added that she was bewitched by a fellow female musician, albeit she preferred to withhold the name of the artist in question citing she had children and a reputation to uphold.

While reacting to Carol Nantongo’s accusations, Stecia Mayanja distanced herself from the allegations, pointing out that they are untrue and baseless.

Stecia added that the allegations ruined her reputation, and lost some gigs as revellers had embarked on pelting her with flying objects on stage.

She stated that she turned to Allah and her children since no one could believe she could not engage in witchcraft.

The singer and actress argued that Carol Nantongo might have been duped by witch doctors who took her money only to tell her what she wanted to hear rather than the reality.

Stecia insisted that she had forgiven Carol Nantongo, but because of the severe trauma she had experienced, her heart still bore a scar.


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