Who the hell is Clever J? – Chameleone’s son Abba Marcus Disses Clever J

Musician Jose Chameleone’s son, Abba Marcus left his TikTok fans wondering when he said he didn’t know who his uncle, musician Clever J is.

With over 30 songs to his name, Clever J, real name Gerald Muwonge, who made his mark in the music industry over 20 years ago and currently trying to make a come-back in the industry has in several media interviews said he’s estranged from the Mayanja family.

Abba’s comment therefore, is no shock to some of Clever J’s fans but rather a confirmation of his claims that he only meets his singing cousins in music shows and television.

“Who the hell is Cleaver J? People here are saying that he is my uncle but I don’t know any *** called Clever J,” asked Chameleone’s teen son, currently living in the United State of America. This was during his live TikTok stream where some of his over 19,000 followers asked if he knew thesinger.

Abba further said his father who has been reported to be hospitalized in the US, was doing fine following a series of questions in regards to his health. “I don’t wanna say too much but my dad is still breathing oxygen,”he added.

When asked who his favorite Ugandan musician is, he said the deceased Moze Radio, real name Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo was the most talented Ugandan. “I don’t listen to Ugandan music or my father’s” he said.


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