“KITUUFU SPICE YASULAKO EWANGE” Diamond Platnumz speaks the truth about chewing Spice Diana

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has spoken the truth about chewing Ugandan singer Spice Diana.

Spice Diana visited Diamond Platnumz in 2021 at his home in Tanzania. There has been a rumor that the two chewed each other on their trip.

Spice Diana already commented about it saying there is nothing that happened between her and Diamond Platnumz. Now that Diamond is finally in the country, he was also asked about that and he denied the allegations.

He said he hosted Spice Diana but nothing happened but since she is a lady if anything happens it will be Very okay

“About Spice Diana, we are just going to do a song, I’m not going to chew her. She’s been in Tanzania before, I hosted her in my house, she’s my sister but again if anything happens, it’s God’s will,” Diamond Platnumz


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