Angella Katatumba visit Alien Skin’s campn studio

Singer Angella Katatumba found time and visited one of the trending musicians in Uganda Alien Skin. She went directly to his home where she was welcomed by Alien Skin’s friends the ghetto youth that are always moving with him.

Angella Katatumba is one of the Ugandan musicians that don’t usually jump on trending musicians to get back to the music scene.

But Alien Skin looks to be blessed because most of the musicians are liking him and are willing to associate with him musically.

Some artists like Leila Kayondo don’t find Alien Skin’s music appealing although others are already appreciating him.

In the video that was released on social media, Angella Katatumba was seen laughing and having a good time with Alien Skin.

We are not sure if these two are going to hit the studio and release a song. But Angella Katatumba definitely has all the powers and ability to get Alien Skin in studio.


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