I will continue to discipline those fans who do bad touch at me and those throw bottles at me – Winnie Nwagi

Songstress Winnie Nwagi ‘s clashes with rowdy fans seem like they are not about to stop. The singer has revealed how she’s prepared to start going head-to-head with them.

If it means fighting, she’s prepared to do so. She revealed that she will start beefing up her security heavily especially if she’s going to perform in areas with such fans. 

The Jangu singer said that these fans are literally mad. She’s therefore, not ready to tolerate them turning her into a playground.  

Furthermore, the controversial singer said that their job is already tiresome. Most of them are tired of not reaping from their music because of the copyright.

Fans disrespecting them is the last thing they expect. She said that most fellow musicians are tired of such behavior. However, they are afraid to speak up which isn’t the case for her. 

Nwagi added that besides being musicians on stage shaking their bums, they are parents. They are also daughters to other people. Besides they also have some people who look up to them. Therefore, getting treated like trash is a no-go zone for her. She’s determined to fight this.  

“Those fans who throw bottles at me are just mad. However, I’m now prepared to always go full commando mode when going to perform in such places. I will combat them because I’m not something to be messed around with. And so are my fellow musicians. They don’t want to be touched obscenely and treated like trash but they are afraid to speak up.” she said.

The singer has a history of beating up fans who tend to go out of their way to sexually harass her. In fact, last week Winnie Nwagi smashed a microphone into a fan who attempted to touch her inappropriately. 


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