“Gwe Cindy I’m An iPhone & You’re A outdated Nokia ”.. Sheebah Takes Dig At Cindy

In a move that is sure to fuel their ongoing feud, Cindy Sanyu has announced that she will be staging a concert on the same date and venue as Sheebah Karungi’s concert. The two concerts are scheduled to take place on September 15, 2023, at Kololo Airstrip.

Cindy’s announcement comes after Sheebah had already booked the venue for her own concert. In a recent press conference, Cindy suggested that she cannot be competing with Sheebah because Sheebah is a “child” in the music industry.

“She is a kid to me. I wrote her first song so I cannot compete with my children. It is called Ngenda Kunyenyeza, I wrote that song. I went with her to studio, to Washington (producer). I nurtured her for a whole year,” Cindy told reporters.

Sheebah has not yet responded to Cindy’s announcement, but she did share a cryptic photo on social media earlier today.

The photo shows Sheebah posing with a phone, and the caption reads “Am the iPhone. Your the Nokia.” This has led fans to believe that Sheebah is indirectly responding to Cindy’s comments.

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