VIDEO: Man donates his sister to Weasel for marriage

Don’t we always tell you not to drink irresponsibly? This is because liquor always has a way of making you carelessly happy.

This was the case of a certain man who donated his sister to singer, Weasel Manizo.
The Goodlyf singer was at the Comedy Store weekly edition performing.

A man popped out of the crowd holding a woman’s hand. He then informed the Bread and Butter singer that she’s his sister.

And he was willing to give her to him so that he marries her and keeps doing good music. This surprised the singer as well as the audience. The lady who had no idea what the brother was doing got embarrassed and ran away from the stage while laughing.

Weasel was also surprised and asked this man if indeed he was surrendering his sister to the devil.

Weasel meanwhile has a woman, Sandra Teta who was subject to scandals of being domestically abused by the singer.


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