Laba Love gwe wakati wa Mutabani wa Jose CHameleone ne muwala wa Desire Luzinda

At this rate, there is no denying that Dr Jose Chameleone’s son Abba Mayanja and Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle Kaddu.

The two have been linked to be having a romantic affair between them despite still being teenagers. They got so close while living in the US where they seem to be neighbors.

Currently, they are both in Uganda with their families but they can’t seem to let go of none another and have made sure to keep each other’s company.

In a video posted on social media, they can be seen together posting g for some photos with Abba’s younger sibling, Alpha.

They even at one point get Abba out of the way just to pose together. Laba And if the rumors are indeed true and they are dating, Abba surely won himself a rare and prized asset.

Michelle is an absolute bombshell just like her mother and wherever she goes, she lives heads turning around in awe.


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