Ronald Mayinja Starts New Life In UK, Filmed Going For Hustle | VIDEO

Ronald Mayinja is not coming back to Uganda as soon as he claimed and as we speak, the band singer has started new life in the UK.

In April, Mayinja flew to the UK and word started making rounds that he had fled the country. He recorded a video and dismissed the talk, insisting he had gone to check on his family and that he was going to come back soon.

Four months down the road, the ‘Africa’ hitmaker has never returned. Walking on the streets of UK, our snoop bumped into Ronald Mayinja who was rushing to catch the bus with a backpack.

An insider intimated to us that Mayinja secured a job in the UK, decided to stay with his family and make money.

It should be noted that Mayinja’s wife, Aisha and their children relocated to the UK leaving the confused musician-turned politician behind.



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