“Yes I Am Madly in Love with My Dada” Singer Ava Peace Opens Up About Her Relationship with Mudra

In recent times, rumors have been circulating regarding the romantic involvement of singer Mudra with Ava Peace. Now, Ava Peace has come forward to confirm their relationship and express her deep affection for her “Dada.”

During an interview on Galaxy FM, singer Ava Peace openly discussed her current relationship status, acknowledging that she is dating someone she affectionately refers to as “Dada.”


The speculations surrounding Ava Peace and Mudra’s relationship had been kept under wraps, but a few months ago, they decided to make their romance public. Beyond their romantic connection, Mudra and Ava Peace are also music partners. Mudra is known for writing songs for Ava Peace, and the two share a strong bond, both personally and professionally.


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