Bruno K’s Baby Mama, Dorah, hits hard again, reveals all his family problems and Opens Up About Relationship Struggles

In a candid revelation, Dorah, the baby mama of singer Bruno K (real name Bruno Kigundu), has resurfaced in the media with a bitter account of the challenges faced by the singer and those around him.

Having shared a relationship that spanned over a year, the dynamics between Bruno K and Dorah took a turn for the worse when she discovered she was pregnant without the singer’s knowledge.


During their time together, Dorah claims to have been the financial backbone of the relationship, covering all expenses, including purchasing clothes for Bruno K. However, when they parted ways, Dorah took to the media to expose the singer, divulging intimate details that were previously unknown.

In response to Dorah’s revelations, Bruno K expressed himself through a song, while Dorah, in turn, commissioned someone to release a song about the singer’s life.

Recent social media audios surfaced, allegedly featuring Bruno K bad-mouthing Dorah with another lady. The singer’s sister emerged to defend her brother, dismissing the women speaking about him as desperate and uncertain of their desires.

Contrary to the defense, Dorah claims that she has been financially supporting and caring for Bruno K’s mother, a fact she had not disclosed until now. She urges the singer’s sister to refrain from commenting on their relationship, asserting that she doesn’t know the origins of their connection and the challenges they faced.

“I am the one who has been looking after Bruno K and his mother. I don’t care about what his sister is saying. After all, she wasn’t available when we started dating,” Dorah asserted.


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