Bruno K Triumphs with Kafumisi Award Amidst Controversial Love Affairs

In a surprising turn of events, renowned singer Bruno Kiggundu, popularly known as Bruno K, has bagged the coveted Kafumisi award for the year, solidifying his status as the Isekafumisi. However, the singer’s triumph is accompanied by a year filled with controversies, scandals, and a growing list of fatherhood responsibilities.

At the beginning of the year, Bruno K found himself in hot water for his involvement with Vanessa, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent refusal to take responsibility for his son. This scandal marked the start of a tumultuous year for the singer.


Midway through the year, Bruno K once again made headlines, this time for his romantic entanglement with a sugar mummy named Dorah from Mukono. The controversy reached new heights when private videos surfaced, exposing the intimate details of their relationship.

As the year draws to a close, Bruno K is back in the spotlight for his involvement with another Nkuba Kyeyo sugar mummy. Not only did he impregnate her, but she has also publicly confirmed the singer as the father of her child, adding to the growing list of Bruno K’s offspring.

The latest revelation suggests that Dorah, the Mukono sugar mummy, is also expecting a child with Bruno K. In a social media video, she flaunted her baby bump, dismissing rumors that her pregnancy was artificial and confirming that she is indeed carrying the Faridah singer’s child.

With a total of five children from different women, Bruno K faces a challenging end to the year amid allegations and controversies. As 2024 approaches, the singer may find himself in continued chaos unless he takes steps to rein in his romantic escapades and address the concerns raised by the various women in his life.


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