Zambali Bulasio Mukasa Set for Promotion Following Proclamation of Bobi Wine as His President

In an unexpected turn of events, Next Media Services CEO, Kin Kariisa, seems poised to reward Zambali Bulasio Mukasa with a well-deserved promotion within the Naguru-based media house. This decision follows Zambali’s recent public declaration of support for Bobi Wine as his president.

Zambali, known for his role as the emcee at singer King Saha’s “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert held at Hotel Africana, made headlines when he fearlessly introduced Bobi Wine as his president.


Unfazed by potential consequences, Zambali confidently asserted his allegiance and expressed certainty that nothing adverse would happen to him. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions surrounding the journalist’s courageous stance.

As the host of the political talk show “Barometer” on NBS TV, Zambali had raised eyebrows, with many speculating that he may have jeopardized his standing with the media house. NBS TV has often faced accusations from opposition supporters who claim it aligns with the government, even suggesting ties to the Museveni family, although such allegations remain unproven.

In a surprising development, Zambali Bulasio Mukasa took to his X page to announce an imminent promotion. The news anchor shared this revelation in anticipation of Next Media’s 15th-anniversary celebrations, scheduled for December 21, 2023.

The festivities, set to take place at Kololo Independence Grounds, will feature performances by local artists and former UB40 lead singer Ali Campbell.

The unfolding scenario suggests that Next Media Services is not only acknowledging but also rewarding Zambali’s boldness and dedication during its milestone celebration, making the upcoming event a significant moment for both the journalist and the media house.


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