Barbie: Types of men you should never fall in love with

According to Barbie, a man who loves you will be around through thick and thin, Barbara Itungo, also known as Barbie, said there are traits you should look out for in a man you intend to love.

“A man that is not your friend. A man that won’t listen to you. A man that won’t feel sorry for you. That man will never help you in whatever you are doing,”Barbie said in a video seen by this reporter.

“It all starts when you are looking for a lover. Look for a man that will stick around when things get tough” Barbie, who has been married to Bobi Wine for over a decade, has experience with what she is talking about, For instance, she has previously stated how her husband usually suffers with her whenever she is pregnant

Barbie, who has four children with the musician-turned-politician, said that she always suffers multiple health problems when pregnant, so it scares her husband.

“If I was the type that gets pregnant and just gives birth, like how some women do, I would have like 10 children. But I usually get issues with pregnancies. Bobi doesn’t get out of Kampala when I’m pregnant. He can’t get out of the country. Even work within the country, he doesn’t travel if he is going to sleep over,”she said in an interview.

“He has to wash me, take care of me in the morning, clean the bedroom, monitor how the kids have gone to school. He suffers a lot. I would want him to go through it.”

Wine’s children with Barbie are Solomon Kampala Nyanzi, Shalom Namagembe, Shadraq Shilling Mbogo, and Suubi Shine Nakaayi.


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