“I Am Submissive To My Husband HSakib” Zari Hassan Opens Up About Her Marriage: Balancing Love and Independence

Zari Hassan, the prominent socialite and businesswoman, recently shared insights into her marriage, highlighting her commitment and the balance she strikes with her new husband, Shakib Lutaaya. She expressed her devotion, stating that she dedicates a significant 90% of her time to her spouse.

Zari and Shakib tied the knot in April 2023 after a year of courtship, sealing their union with an intimate anikkah ceremony attended by fewer than ten people. Fans were taken by surprise when Zari, a mother of five children from two previous relationships, married a considerably younger man.

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Earlier this month, the couple celebrated with a lavish white wedding ceremony in South Africa, attended by family and close friends. Notably, only a select few Ugandans received invitations to the event.

Zari Hassan emphasized her deep appreciation for love, underlining that, despite her numerous past relationships, she has finally found her ideal partner.

Despite her financial success, Zari has chosen to prioritize her marriage, describing herself as a dedicated homemaker, reserving 90% of her time for her husband. She also maintains a 10% portion to manage her businesses and engage in personal pursuits.

“In my relationship, I am submissive towards my husband, dedicating about 90% of my time to being a homemaker. However, I also reserve a 10% portion for asserting my own autonomy and embracing my role as a ‘boss lady’,” she explained.


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