Ssenga Nantume advises young girls to avoid rushing into pregnancy for men who hit at them and run

In a world where influential figures play a crucial role in shaping perspectives, Ssenga Justine Nantume, a renowned media personality and entertainer, extends a kind and invaluable piece of advice to all young girls transitioning into adulthood.

Her counsel is clear: young girls should resist the urge to hastily embrace pregnancy from charming men. Instead, she urges them to take their time, carefully studying their partners to avoid the potential challenges of single motherhood and the ensuing struggle of raising children alone.


Ssenga Nantume underscores the significance of learning from the mistakes of others, emphasizing that the increasing number of single mothers today is, in part, a consequence of rushed decisions made by women in relationships.

Her insight serves as a timely reminder that thoughtful consideration and patience in choosing a life partner can significantly impact the well-being of future generations.

As the prevalence of single-parent households continues to rise, disproportionately affecting women, Ssenga Nantume’s advice carries even more weight.

By encouraging young women to be discerning in their choices, she aims to empower them to build stable and nurturing family environments, steering clear of the challenges faced by those parenting alone.


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