I am not ready for marriage – Gospel singer Gabbie Ntaate Shares Why Marriage Isn’t in Her Plans Yet

Renowned gospel musician Gabbie Ntaate has recently shared that she is currently not prepared to enter into matrimony with someone’s son. She asserts that she is patiently awaiting the arrival of the right person in her life.

In a candid revelation, Ntaate expressed her belief that marriage is a divine gift from God, destined to bless her at the opportune moment when it’s readily available. For her, the timing is crucial, and she trusts in the divine plan for her personal life.


Ntaate, deeply committed to her blossoming career, perceives it as being in its early stages, requiring undivided time and concentration to propel it forward. She acknowledges that marriage, while a cherished aspect of life, could potentially divert her focus from her musical pursuits.

In embracing the philosophy of divine timing, Gabbie Ntaate underscores the significance of aligning her personal and professional aspirations, illustrating a profound dedication to her musical journey.


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