MUMPE KUMAGEZI!! My Husband Wants to have It Almost Every Minute And it’s Affecting My Job!!!

Embarking on the journey of marriage at the encouragement of my dedicated mother led me to a caring and detail-oriented husband, creating five years of blissful companionship. However, a significant challenge has surfaced – my husband’s insatiable desire for intimacy is impacting various aspects of my life, particularly my demanding career.

Despite expressing my concerns, his frequent demands for physical closeness persist, making it challenging for me to focus on professional responsibilities.


Returning home from work at 4 pm, I find myself torn between fulfilling work obligations and addressing his needs, disrupting both my job and family dynamics.

Efforts to communicate my concerns to my husband have proven unsuccessful, and his lack of understanding regarding my financial responsibilities adds strain. Despite his positive qualities, this issue is testing the resilience of our marriage.

Having refrained from seeking external intervention, I believe we can overcome this challenge together. However, as the situation becomes untenable, I am seeking advice on how to delicately address this issue and restore balance to our relationship.


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