Side Chick Regrets Having Child with Married Man after Discovering His Wife Owns Everything

Confessing anonymously to East African Vibe, a woman shares her story of remorse and unexpected challenges after having a child with a married man.

Initially, she believed he was financially stable and could provide support for her and their child, only to discover a harsh reality.


In a heartfelt revelation, the woman explained that the man had eventually opened up to her, disclosing his financial struggles and the fact that everything she assumed he owned, including a company, actually belonged to his wife.

This shocking revelation left her grappling with the responsibility of caring for their child without the expected financial assistance.

Struggling to make ends meet with her meager salary, the woman lamented, “Kimeniramba! Tell me why I sired a baby boy for this man after his wife gave him three daughters, and now he can’t even pay his fees and our rent ananitumia 5k.”

Adding to her distress, she recently discovered that he has another child with a different woman apart from his wife.

Faced with these unexpected challenges, the woman is now seeking advice on how to navigate the situation and provide the necessary support for her son. She expressed her frustration, saying, “Ati he’s coming clean by telling me the company belongs to his wife and he’s run out of his savings sasa nifanyeje aki Lydiah an job yangu haiwezi lipa hizi zote.”

This heartfelt plea raises questions about the complexities of relationships, the importance of honesty, and the consequences of actions that can impact innocent lives.

The woman’s journey serves as a cautionary tale and an opportunity for reflection on the choices we make and the unforeseen challenges that may arise from them.


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