“GWENO WEYOGEZE” Barbie Kyagulanyi Addresses Fans’ Requests for Another Child

In a recent revelation, Barbie Kyagulanyi, the wife of National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine, has candidly shared her perspective on the persistent requests from fans for the couple to have another child. Urging fans to refrain from discussing the matter and to relax, Barbie made it clear that expanding their family was not currently in her plans.

The power couple, known for their strong bond and admired by many, already has a family of four – two girls and two boys. All their children have embarked on their academic journeys, with the eldest already pursuing higher education at the university level.

Despite their fans expressing a desire for the couple to add to their brood, Barbie Kyagulanyi promptly dismissed such suggestions. One fan suggesting that Bobi Wine should consider having at least one more child received a firm response from Barbie.

Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi’s enduring marriage, which spans over two decades, officially began after the arrival of their first two children. Their love story has become an inspiration to the younger generation, with many aspiring to emulate the unity and strength displayed by Barbie and Bobi Wine at various points in their relationship.


Another celebrity couple that has trodden a similar path is Bebe Cool and Zuena, who have been married for over two decades and have five children. They, too, are looked up to by many as a beacon of success in the realm of celebrity relationships.

As fans continue to celebrate and admire these enduring unions, Barbie Kyagulanyi’s recent statements shed light on her priorities, emphasizing the importance of respecting the couple’s personal choices and celebrating the unity they have fostered over the years.


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