I will take her home-Mzee jemba finds new love.

Mzee Jemba famously known as an announcer on burils has won himself a beautiful blonde young woman. Jemba was spotted at a health spa at Freedom city with his baby mama all... Read more »

Entertainment Indusry prepares come-back after two years of lockdown

After waiting in vain for the reopening of the Entertainment industry, Musicians, comedians and other artists are now happy that the sector is open for business. during president Museveni’s address to the... Read more »

Artists’ Union Village Launch: Creators urged to Unite for common goal

Artists have been urged to unite if they want to prosper in the industry. This was during the Launch of the proposed Artists’ Union Village on the Land bought by the National... Read more »

Pop star Britney spears’ father agrees to give up his role as conservator over daughter’s $60 million estate

Jamie Spears has agreed to step down from his 13-year role as conservator of his daughter Britney’s estate. This has been said to be a major victory according to the poo star’s... Read more »

NUP MPs offer 1 million each off the 200million ment for purchase of thier vehicles for development of party

National Unity Party (NUP) Members of Parliament (MPs) will contribute 1 million each off the 200million ment for them to purchase personal vehicles. John baptist Nambeshe the opposition chief whip confirmed. While... Read more »

Bebe cool fires up, responds to Bobi’s “ignorant post” which condemned artists who sought Saleh’s help in Gulu

Bebe cool, a long time music rival with fellow artist Bobi Wine has responded to his fellow musician’s post that criticised those who paid General Salim Saleh a visit in Gulu led... Read more »